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Does your community need new playground to promote healthy active living in children and youth? Nominate your community now!

The Let Them Be Kids Initiative uses a five step method to select the organizations and communities it works with. The process includes both an on-line application and phone interviews. Organizations maybe asked to provide additional information.

The process:

  1. Complete the on-line application form to nominate a community
  2. Selection committee review
  3. Candidate question and answer interview
  4. Selection committee decision
  5. Grant of LTBK award and implementation of project


When the committee is reviewing your application, there will be specific things they will be looking for, such as:


  1. Degree of need in the community
  2. Commitment, strength and experience of applying group or organization
  3. Local capacity to organize and coordinate a successful community build day
  4. Playgrounds in the area
  5. Volunteers available
  6. Match funding for the balance of the project.
    • Ultimately we are looking to support small groups of people that are properly motivated, focused on a common goal, and do not care who gets the credit, because those are the kind of people who are always changing the world.

The LTBK selection committee is made up of recreation and parks professionals, community development experts, and well-respected business leaders, all of whom have a deep commitment to helping communities build better tomorrows.

To nominate your community, click here

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