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National Aboriginal Hockey Championships All-Star Teams

Female 1st team:
Goalie: summer Roberts- SAsk
Def: Abby Constant-Bercier-Man
Def: Deirde Febasaige -Ont
For: Kelsey Halkett-Sask
For: Kaka McComber-EDN
For: Eliaha Cunningham-Alb
Female 2nd team:
Goalie: Shayna Dominique-EDN
Ded: Alicia Sauve- EDN
Def: Taylor Durocher- Sask
For: Aislinn Kooistra- Man
For: Jessica Wakefield-Ont
For: Stephanie Charlie-North
MVP of NAHC: Kaka McComber-EDN

Female 1st team:

Goalie: summer Roberts - Sask

Def: Abby Constant-Bercier - Man

Def: Deirde Febasaige - Ont

For: Kelsey Halkett - Sask

For: Kaka McComber - Edn

For: Eliaha Cunningham - Alb

Female 2nd team:

Goalie: Shayna Dominique - Edn

Ded: Alicia Sauve - Edn

Def: Taylor Durocher - Sask

For: Aislinn Kooistra - Man

For: Jessica Wakefield - Ont

For: Stephanie Charlie - North

MVP of NAHC: Kaka McComber-EDN



Male 1st team:

Goalie: Devon Person - BC

Def: Silas Makokis - Alb

Def: Joshua Poitras - BC

For: Troy Lajeunesse - Ont

For: Lynden Eddy

For: David Mckitrick - Ont

Male 2nd team:

Goalie: Taryn Phaneuf - Sask

Ded: Kirk Bearhead - Sask

Def: Brayden Hopkins - Ont

For: Alex Hester - Edn

For: Robert Bream - Man

For: Leon Knockwood

MVP of NAHC: Joshua Poitras - BC


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