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Browse or search through the Active Circle database to find resources about Aboriginal youth sports and recreation.

The Active Circle resource database contains information gathered from organizations across Canada who research and engage in Aboriginal sports, activities for youth and healthy living.

The Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS), along with its partners AthletesCAN and Coaches of Canada, launched Leading the Way: Working with LGBT Athletes and Coaches.

This brochure describes eight ways parks improves our health, such as providing a place for encouraging exercise, including individual and supervised activities, mental and physical health benefits, and more.

Directed at individuals aged seven and up, the PLAY Tools determine gaps in physical literacy development, and provide calls-to-action to help improve these areas.

Physical Literacy and FIFA Women’s World Cup™

There is strong evidence indicating that outdoor recreation as well as simply being present in a natural setting improve physical health.

The Understanding Partners Poster Series provides base-level information as it relates to schools, public health, parents and recreation providers as partners in building healthy school communities.

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